What’s up with….New Psycho Active Substance (Commonly Known as Legal Highs)

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As of 26th April New Psycho Active substances (commonly known as legal highs) became illegal.  At in2Change we have seen a dramatic rise in the use of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), commonly known as Legal Highs or Mamba by young people throughout the area, with many youth workers expressing concerns relating to their usage in local communities.

Like all illegal drugs, they are untested and unpredictable and as risky to use.  In2change drug and alcohol workers are regularly seeing the consequences of use by young people with symptoms that have included vomiting, collapsing, excited or paranoid states, aggression, bleeding (from nose/stomach),  seizures and a large increase in visits to accident and emergency due to taking such substances.

Of course we would advise young people not anyone to take any substances, but if you do then please take this advice:

  • Use in a safe environment and with people you trust, never alone!
  • Be very careful about dosage
  • Allow time for substance to work before using any more
  • Do not mix with alcohol or any other drugs
  • Do not share any equipment, even if snorting

If you are using such substances and need support in reducing or stopping use, or know someone who you feel needs information and support, then please contact us on (01978) 295629 or in2change@wrexham.gov.uk
In2change is a free and confidential service and work with young people aged 11 to their 19th birthday.  The service operates on a voluntary basis and any young person referred to the service must be made aware of the referral before being submitted.

Further information can be accessed at www.talktofrank.com or Wales Drug and Alcohol Helpline www.dan247.org.uk or 0808 808 2234

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