The Zip Wire

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Well I finally managed to do the Zip wire in Bethesda after it being cancelled twice due to bad weather.  Well what can I say, it was AMAING!

The trip cost £60 and was two hours long, you get suited and harnessed up and you will be pleased to hear lots of safety checks!  You start off with a small (not that small) zip wire to give you a practice run before the big zip wire.  Yet again more safety checks and a count down from 3, next thing you are flying trough the air.  At the bottom of the small zip wire you are driven in a massive truck to the top of the quarry where you get ready for the fastest zip wire in the world! You have a safety talk and instruction of what to do if you get stuck; this was advice not to get out of your harness!  You then get ready for the zip wire, safety checks and count down from 3.  I cant describe how fast 100 miles an hour feels when you are zipping through the air, at one point I lost my breath and very tempted to shut my eyes, but I didn’t and the whole experience was FANTASTIC!!!

it was an amazing experience, so happy to get to the end of it.  I will definitely go again, check out their website for more information

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