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My Name is Yasmin Sides. I am currently the active member of the Youth Parliament for the Wrexham area. Mid November of last year I was given the chance to attend the annual debate in the House of Commons. We debated the five most important issues voted by 11-18 year olds from around the UK which where: Votes at 16, Tackling Racism and Religious Discrimination, Stop cuts that affect the NHS, a Curriculum to prepare us for life and Transport. The UK wide results – Votes at 16 came out top of the debate.

MYPs across the UK work to give young people a voice by working with their MPs, decision makers, counsellors and local youth groups on the issues that the young people have voted for.

Having the opportunity to sit in the House of Commons as a MYP, surrounded by so many driven and passionate young people was such an incredible, eye opening experience. I look forward to the rest of my term as an MYP and the challenges that the role brings.

If you want any further information please contact Wrexham Senedd Yr Ifanc :  

The Vic, 11-13 Hill Street, Wrexham, LL111SN – 01978 317961

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