The General Election.

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Do you find all this voting talk boring?  Not into politics and think it’s a waste of time!

Well you couldn’t be more wrong.

Politics isn’t something that happens just in The Houses of Parliament in London or The Welsh Assembly in Cardiff.  Politics are things we discuss every day.

Ever have a service taken away from you? Thought you have been treated unfairly? Thought that if something changed it would be better, or do you think everything is great just as it is and we should keep everything the same?

Politics is about the country we live in, and we should have our say on how this country is run.   From the people who run it, to the agendas they set and the changes they would like to make.  That is why voting is so important, you should have your say on matters that affect you, voting enables you to do so on a National and Local level.

Still not sure?  This clip may help you.


Not enough young people are getting their voices heard when it comes to voting


It’s easy to get confused with voting, you can check out our voting page and  Your Vote Matters helps to explain things a bit better and give you lots more information.


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