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I knit. Yes that’s right. I knit.

No I haven’t got grey hair.

Oh, and I’m not someone’s gran.

It’s something that I actually enjoy doing. I make a ball of wool into something, something I can wear, and a one off.   No one else has the same – I mean how pretty cool is that?

Some people enjoy online gaming, some people snap chat…well I can knit and watch the TV at the same time.

I also find it pretty relaxing, and that’s something we all need in our lives -a bit of relaxation. Something to take your mind off the day you’ve had, problems that are on your mind, or the fact there is nothing on the telly.

I’ve knitted socks, hats, gloves and ties but I’ve got an ambition to knit something bigger, better, and for myself – so here is what I’ve set myself up for ….

Once I’ve finished (and it may take me some time) I will pop up a picture of what I have created and see if I can persuade you that it’s good to be a bit unusual!

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