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Ecstasy (also known as MDMA) is a stimulant drug and is commonly known as the party drug in the 1980/90s. Known by a wide variety of names including; pills, Garys, Mastercard, Gold, E, MDMA.   In2change workers have recently seen an increase in usage of Ecstasy by young people in Wrexham and there have been concerns nationally of an increase in the purity levels of the drug.  There have been several warnings after pills have been found with double and triple doses which have resulted in serious incidents and deaths.

May 2016 – 17 year old female had taken Ecstasy with the street name ‘MasterCard’.  She died in hospital Greater Manchester Police reported.

June 2016 – Three 12 year old girls from Salford in Manchester were rushed into hospital after taking ‘Teddy’ Ecstasy pills.

July 2016 – 2 teenagers (male and female) die at Scottish Music Festival after taking ‘Rolex’ Ecstasy tablets

Like all drugs, Ecstasy affects everyone differently and you do not know what it has been cut with.

Of course we would advise young people not anyone to take any substances, but if you do then please take this advice:

  • Use in a safe environment and with people you trust – never alone!
  • Be very careful about dosage
  • Allow time for substance to work before using any more
  • Do not mix with alcohol or any other drugs
  • Do not share any equipment, even if snorting

If you are using such substances and need support in reducing or stopping use, or know someone who you feel needs information and support, then please contact us on(01978) 295629 or in2change@wrexham.gov.uk

In2change is a free and confidential service and work with young people aged 11 to their 19th birthday.  The service operates on a voluntary basis and any young person referred to the service must be made aware of the referral before being submitted.

Further information can be accessed at www.talktofrank.com or Wales Drug and Alcohol Helpline www.dan247.org.uk or 0808 808 2234

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