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Do a quiz – There are loads of online quizzes. Apps like Zoom and HouseParty are great to use for a quiz with your family and friends.
Do a jigsaw – these are great ways to pass the time and for the whole family to be involved.
Play a board game – This is a great way to get your family round the table.
Do some baking – There are some great apps for baking as well as tutorials on YouTube
Make a to do list – If you are finding the days a drag, sitting down writing some things to do can help relieve boredom and give some structure.
Get fit – There are some great tutorial sessions on YouTube from easy to hard.  This includes the Joe Wickes exercise at 9am daily. 
Read a book – Get stuck in a world far removed from ours!
Build some lego – Let your imagination flow and build whatever you like
Do something arty – Paint, draw, sew, build, make.  This is very relaxing and you can discover new talents
Watch a film – If all else fails, sit back and relax watching something that you can escape in for a couple of hours.

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