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Young Wrexham Lives

Young Wrexham has teamed up with students from Coleg Cambria in Wrexham to give an insight into the lives of young people in Wrexham.  Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing their articles that include ‘The life of a football reviewer, ‘Thoughts on Brexit’ for young people, ‘A trip to the moon’, ‘How to build a computer, ‘My favourite album’, ‘My favourite gig’, ‘Things I would change in Wrexham’, ‘Things I love about Wrexham.

In the project you can talk about most things (nothing rude, lude or crude) and it can be carried out by writing/video or animation.  If you would like to take part in the ‘Young Wrexham Lives’ project then please contact us.


In late March of 2017 ( revoke article 50) we embarked on changing the course of our country. With a 51.9% majority we choose to leave the EU, this decision shook the country and world alike. Many believed along with early forecasting that we would vote to remain within the EU.



I think it is important to look at the climate we were in at this time, on the 20th of January Donald Trump had taken office. Many people across the world felt the recourse of this. Since then many countries have gone more nationalistic Poland, France, America, UK and south africa. Many feel like the world is more divided than ever before.



There now looks to be three options for our country;


Leave – No deal

If we do not agree on a deal on or before the 29th of march we will be forced to leave the EU with no deal. Leaving without a deal will cut us off from the rest of the world (not just the EU) we will have stoppages at our borders that go on for miles, this will limit our access to food and which we mainly import. We are trying to minimise the damage by stockpiling certain good but there is no way around this massively affecting our economy. Although leave didn’t vote for this, this is the closest thing they are going to get to a true brexit.



Remain – New referendum

This option is strongly advocated for by Remain, they believe that the country was lied to by the Leave party and this is not what they voted for. It is likely that a new referendum would be in favour of remain as more younger voters would be allowed to take part. This option is unlikely to happen as the PM her sefs has said she will not offer a new referendum. Although many people do want another referendum they cannot decide on what the ballot should have on it. Leave or remain, no deal or bad deal, as there is no clear understanding on this it is unlikely to happen.



Leave – Bad Deal

Our current prime minister Theresa May has spent the last several months creating a deal that will allow us to leave the EU. you can see the in depth deal here: Draft Deal. it looks like the deal has been created to satisfy both leave and remain, because of this it seems to have angered both. For this deal to be in affect it needs to have the majority vote in parliament. This vote looks to be a certain failure for May.




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