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Commonly known as ‘Acid’, when under the influence of this powerful hallucinogenic drug it changes your perceptions of what you see and hear with colours and lights becoming very vivid…

Ecstasy (MDMA)

Commonly known as MDMA or MD, it is mainly used in tablet and powder form. It can leave you in a euphoric state, loved up, confident with no inhibitions; Ecstasy…


At In2change, we work with young people raising awareness of the risks and consequences of alcohol use . Get some up to date facts and the risks of using alcohol, visit…


The most widley used illegeal drug in the UK, but remember, the majority of young people don’t use it. It is the most widely used illegal drug by young people…

In2change – Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Project

In2change is a free and confidential young person’s drug and alcohol project…

Drugs and Substances.

Not sure what, what with drug and alcohol? check out this page for the information…


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