What is a Personal Advisor?

What is a Personal Advisor?

A Personal Advisor is someone who is there to help you work out your Pathway Plan. They work with you to make sure you get all the help you need.

They will:-

  • Give advice and support
  • Understand your needs and help you write your Pathway Plan
  • Work with you to review your Pathway Plan – your hopes and ideas may change as you go along, so it will need to be changed to show this
  • Talk to the Local Authority to make sure you get all the help you need, including any money you should get
  • Keep in touch with you until you are at least 21
  • Help you find a good place to live
  • Make sure you get the right training and support you need, so you have the right skills to help you live independently
  • Help you to move into a place of your own, as well as helping you buy the basics and making sure you settle into your new home
  • Help you to find out what you need to know about the community you live in
  • Advise you what do to in an emergency
  • Help you to complain or sort out any problem you might have with Education & Children’s Services. The might ask an Advocate to work with you as well – this is someone who can make sure your complaint is listened to, and can even speak on your behalf if you like

A Personal Advisor is there for you – they know how things should work and how to get things done. They will give you a different type of help than your Social Worker will and they may get you more support or a special kind of support – especially as you settle into your own place. It is important that you have a good relationship with your Personal Advisor. You may not always agree, but you should feel able to work together and talk to them.

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