Housing and Accommodation

Many would say that there are few things more important than having a roof over your head!

But, there are so many different housing options out there and, unfortunately, people can have lots of different housing issues and difficulties.

Fear not, as there is loads of help out there, if you’re ever in a sticky situation. If you’re 11-25 in Wrexham, hopefully the below will be a good starting point.

There’s no need to lay a brick over this, we’ve got the foundations covered…


Being homeless means not having a regular, secure home that you can feel safe and comfortable in. If you are homeless or close to being homeless check out this section.

Leaving Home

Leaving home is a big step, check out this section to make sure you have everything you need.

Living in your own home

Living on your own can be hard, check out this section for some information and advice…

Funding Partners

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