Sexting is when someone sends a sexual text, image or video of themselves to someone else.  With the way we use the internet and online dating it’s not just young people who are sending images of themselves.

So why is it an issue with young people?

In the UK the law says you are not an adult until you turn 18, this may seem strange as you can learn to drive, join the army and get a pilots licence.  So when you think about it, if you are sending a sexual image, video or text to someone under 18, you are in fact sending it to a child, if the image or video is of someone under 18 you are then sending an image of a child to someone else.  The Police take this very seriously.

You may think sending an image to a partner, who you trust, is not an issue.  You need to think about the age of the person and if they are under 18, delete the image, text or video straight away.  Some of you maybe approached online by people you don’t know who are asking you to send an image?

If you are being asked to send images of yourself you need to talk to someone, not everyone you talk to online are who they say they are.  You won’t get in trouble for speaking to someone and you might help to protect other young people.  If you are unsure, call into the INFO Shop in Wrexham or speak to a youth worker or an adult you trust.

If you have sent an image of yourself there are things you can do, so you got naked online talks you through what to do next , we all make mistakes but don’t worry there are things you can do to remove the image, don’t ignore this, you or someone you trust can sort this out.

Childline and think you know have some great advice and the NSPCC explains the law in a bit more dept.

If you are being bullied online check out the bullying section of this website for advice and support.  Remember you are not alone and there are people out there to help you.

Useful websites

Safety Net Kids



Think you know



If you would like more information on this topic or you have questions please call into the INFO Shop or contact us on 01978 295600 / Instant message.  If you leave us a message we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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