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Ballot Box

where you put your folded ballot paper once you have made your vote.


something that has bias supports or opposes a political party or candidate unfairly.


a person who you can vote for in an election.

Coalition Government

can occur when no party wins an absolute majority of the votes in an election. More than one political party form a power-sharing agreement to run the country together.


a location that an MP or MS is responsible for representing. Wales has 32 constituencies.


Local Councillors are elected by the community to decide how the council should carry out its various activities.


a government run by people who the public have voted for.

Devolved Nation

Wales is a devolved nation. This means that the UK Government have given Welsh Government some responsibility to be able to make decisions on behalf of the Welsh people, communities and businesses that they affect.


when a vote is held and the public can vote for candidates.

First Minister

The First Minister of Wales is the leader of the party who won the most seats in a Senedd Election.

General Election

A UK Election for Members of Parliament.


decides how things are run and manage the day to day. They use the money they get from taxes to pay for and make decisions on things such as schools, hospitals, emergency services, armed forces, and the legal system. Government is scrutinised by Parliament.

House of Commons

is made up of Members of Parliament who the public have elected.

House of Lords

made up of people who aren’t elected. They are independent from but complement the work of the House of Commons.


something that is impartial doesn’t take a political stance.

Local Election

An election that takes place in your local area to vote for councillors.


A manifesto is a statement put out to the public by a political party, usually in the run up to an election, outlining their priorities and intentions if they were to win the election.

Member of Parliament (MP)

A Member of Parliament is a person who has been elected to the UK Parliament.

Member of Senedd (MS)

A Member of the Senedd is a person who has been elected to the Welsh Parliament (Senedd).

National Insurance Number

is used to identify your tax and National Insurance contributions and you will be asked for it when you register to vote. You usually receive this on a letter in the post before your 16th birthday, but if you can’t find the letter, you may be able to find it on any pay slips, P60s or P45s you have received. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can still register without it.


In the UK, Parliament is made up of the Monarch, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. They bring up subjects for debates, make and pass new laws, and scrutinise the Government.


a promise


the activities associated with the running of the country, including the debate between political parties having power.

Polling Station

a location where you can go to place your vote. It’s usually a school or village hall.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of the UK is the leader of the party who won the most seats in a General UK Election.


A political priority is an area or issue that a candidate or party thinks is important and wants to work on improving.

Register to Vote

being registered to vote means you are on the Electoral Register and you are allowed to vote in elections that you are eligible for.


if a candidate wins the most votes in a constituency, then they win that ‘seat’. The party with the most ‘seats’ wins the election and forms the government.

Senedd Election

A Welsh Election for Members of the Senedd.


is the Welsh word for Parliament, and what we call our Parliament in Wales. They make laws, set taxes and oversee the work of the Welsh Government.


Comments about political issues made by a candidate so you are better informed about their priorities and values.


to vote for a person or group of people to do a job, such as to become a councillor.

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