Whether it’s your first time or not, voting can be a very confusing experience for everyone. This guide aims to ease some of the confusion around General UK Elections, Devolved Elections (Senedd Elections), and Local Elections (Wrexham Council Elections).

*Please note that due to a recent change in constituencies, Wales now only has 32 Parliamentary Constituencies, not 40 as stated in the video.


Who Can Vote in an Election?

Can I vote? Find out here.

Why Should I Vote?

   What difference will one vote make anyway?   The importance of using your voice.

How Do I Know Who to Vote for?

Who are the candidates for my area?

How Do I Vote?

What do I need to do to be able to vote?

What Happens After Voting Closes?

How are votes counted and who is elected?

More Information and Key Terms

More resources to help you learn.

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