Why Should I Vote?

Don’t leave voting to the older generations! Older people and younger people often have different ideas and priorities when it comes to politics. If young people don’t vote, you are leaving the older generations to make the decisions for you (and you might not like the outcome!).

This is your opportunity to vote for someone who believes in what you believe in. For example, if you think support for mental health is important, you might vote for a candidate who has pledged to work on this issue.

Young people haven’t always had the vote. In 1918, men had to be 21 to vote, while women could only vote if they were over 30 and they or their husband owned a property. The voting age became 21 for everyone 10 years later in 1928. It wasn’t until 1969 that the voting age was lowered to 18 for both men and women in General Elections. Since 2021, young people in Wales can vote in both Senedd Elections and Local Elections from the age of 16. It took a long time and a lot of work for you to be able to vote, don’t waste it!

You should be able to have a say on deciding the people who will represent you, make decisions, and create laws on your behalf.

Voting can often be very close, especially in Local Elections. If every person who thinks voting is a waste of time took the time to vote, the results of the election could be different!


  • Pledge: a promise
  • General Election: A UK Election for Members of Parliament.
  • Senedd Election: A Welsh Election for Members of the Senedd.
  • Local Election: An election that takes place in your local area to vote for councillors.

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