Your Voice, Your Wrexham

Want to have a say on things that affect you? This could be in a meeting at school or when people are talking about local and national issues.  This section will provide you with information on your rights, how to get involved and who to speak to if you feel you are not being listened too.

Participation in Wrexham

Participation means it is my right to be involved in making decisions…


Check out the latest consultations happening in Wrexham, make sure you have your say…

Consultation Results

Not sure what the results were in the last consultation? Check out this section to find out what they were..


In this sections you will find all the newsletters we publish to keep you up to date with what’s happening in Wrexham.   March 2017         If…

Senedd yr Ifanc

The Senedd yr Ifanc Wrecsam is Wrexham’s Youth Parliament


Do you have any rights? Sure? Really, really sure? Find out here.


In a muddle about voting? Get the facts here.

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