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At most times, people find it difficult to talk about sexual health issues. The SEXtember Campaign works to encourage people to discuss sexual health matters openly and without embarrassment in the month of September (and all year round).

This year, the focus of the campaign is to encourage people to have fun safely by wearing a condom.

Get it on!

Have fun and be safe… wear a condom. Why bother you might ask?

They are practical, easy to carry and are the most affordable way to avoid sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies.

They give you peace of mind so you can relax and focus on the fun. So go on, get it on!

In North Wales, condoms are available from lots of places including pharmacies, supermarkets, vending machines and online. Always buy condoms that carry the BSI kite mark and the European CE mark. This means they have been tested to the required safety standards. You can also get free condoms from the NHS in a discreet and confidential way, even if you’re under 16. You can find out more about condoms on theĀ NHS Wales website

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