Has your social housing rent increased? You need to inform UC!

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Then it is very important you tell Universal Credit that your rent and any service charge (housing cost) has gone up from the 5th April 2021.

If you don’t, you will not get all the help from them you should, to pay the increased rent and charge. You will then have to pay more from your own pocket!

So for anyone living in social housing (Council/housing association) if your rent has increased, you need to let Universal Credit know about the increase.

However, telling them is EASY.

You do this by logging in and changing your housing costs to the amount you have been notified  by your landlord. You do not need to call the service centre

They will send you a “to do” via your journal on or after the 5th April. This “to do” will ask you if your housing cost has changed on the 5th April 2021. You should answer yes. You will then be asked to confirm that you are charged weekly and what your new weekly rent is. Lastly you will have to confirm your new weekly service charge.

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