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Each year the UK Youth Parliament hold a national youth (11-18 year olds) consultation called the Make your Mark Ballot Paper. This Ballot paper decided what the Member of UK Youth Parliament will debate in their annual sitting in the House of Commons.

This year over 800,000 young people across the UK to part in the consultation, with 1382 young people from Wrexham taking part.

Below you will find Wrexham results for 2019 Make your Mark Ballot paper.

  UK Wide Issue Total Votes
1st Protect your Environment – we believe that we have a responsibility to protect the environment from the effects of climate change for the next generation.  577
2nd Votes @ 16 – In all elections/referendums   254
3rd Tackling Hate Crime we should be educated on how to report hate crime, we believe the Government should invest in creating safe spaces that promote unity in communities. 193
4th Welcome Refugees – everyone deserves the right to live without fear of death and persecution, so we believe that refugees should be welcomed into communities in the UK. 144
5th United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child – making UNCRC a statutory law.   79
  Devolved Issues Total Votes
1st Put an End to knife Crime – too many young people’s lives are lost to knife crime, the government need to do more to help end the knife crime epidemic. 392
2nd Mental Health – services should be improved with young peoples help and should be available in schools. 337
3rd Curriculum to Prepare us for lifeA Curriculum to Prepare us for life including Finance, sex and relationships and politics. 219
4th Tackle Child Poverty no one should have a disadvantage start in life just because of their financial position, the government should do more to put an end to child poverty. 183
5th Stop Street Harassment – we think it needs to be recognised more, it could be stopped through an investment in local strategy and by both consulting young people and educating young people.   116
Local issue most important to you (Wrexham only) Total of young people that highlighted the issue.
Environment 61
Drugs 46
Litter 40
Mental health 26
Knife crime 26
Safe places to go 19
Bullying 16
Homelessness 14
Anti-social behaviour 14
Community Spirt 8
Discrimination 8
Transport 7
Poverty 7
Crime 7
Our future 6
Peer pressure 5
Brexit 5
Being safe 2

Thank you to this year Member of UK Youth Parliament Cameron and the Deputy Member of UK Youth Parliament Katie for their commitment to this year Make your Mark consultation. Thank you to all of Wrexham High schools for their continued support with this year ballot box consultations. Thank you to all the youth groups that took part in this year consultation.

If you would like any further information on the UK full result please follow the link:

If you would like any further information on these results or how you could get involved next year please contact the Senedd yr Ifanc –

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