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In Wrexham, there are many activities you can do for a hobby but about 4 years ago I found one particular hobby that changed my life.

This became more than a hobby but something I used to shape my life for the better. This hobby I started is called karate, more specifically Shotokan karate which is a style of karate that has been around for thousands of years. Karate is a martial art from Japan and it not only helps you learn how to defend yourself but it also helps you build confidence and character. There are many karate clubs and associations all throughout Wales but the main one and the one I train under is the WSKA (Welsh Shotokan Karate Association) which was founded in 1985 and has recently joined CIKA which is an international karate association which allows us to train under brilliant instructors from all across the world. In karate, we learn many skills from controlling our mind and staying calm in stressful situations. In karate, there are different categories that you can enter various competitions, these categories include kata (patterns) or Kumite(fighting), this can get you to eventually represent your country by competing in karate. Also by starting karate you can make many friends through it and meet people from all backgrounds which can help you understand the world better.

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