Youth Work Week 2024!

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You might have heard about youth workers or maybe you’ve met one at your local youth club, school, or during an event. But what exactly do they do? and why is youth work important?

Let’s start with the basics – What is Youth Work?

Youth work is all about supporting and empowering young people like you!  Youth workers are passionate individuals who dedicate their time and energy to help you grow, learn, and thrive.  They organise activities, provide information, advice and guidance, and create safe spaces where you can express yourself freely.

Why Do Youth Workers Do It?

Passion for Helping: Youth workers genuinely care about young people.  They want to make a positive impact on your life, helping you navigate challenges and celebrate successes.

Belief in Potential: They see the incredible potential in every young person.  Youth workers believe that with the right support, you can achieve amazing things.

Creating Change: By working with young people, youth workers aim to create a better future.  They know that empowering you today leads to a brighter tomorrow for everyone.

The Benefits of Youth Work

Building Confidence: Youth workers help you discover your strengths and build self-confidence.  Whether it’s through sports, arts, or community projects, you get to explore what you’re good at and feel proud of your achievements.

Youth work is a powerful force for good, helping young people like you reach your full potential.  Youth workers do what they do because they believe in you and want to see you succeed.  So next time you meet a youth worker, know that they are there to support you, cheer you on, and help you become the best version of yourself!!

We thought we’d share our support of Youth Work Week with a little reminder of some the fantastic teams that are based within the Youth Service in Wrexham!

INFO: are based on Lambpit Street and are open Monday to Friday from 11:30am, you can pop in to see a youth worker for info, advice and guidance on a wide range of topics.

Info staff and BCHUB run a Sexual Health Clinic Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:00pm – 5:30pm where you can drop in for free contraception and advice.

Have a question for INFO staff?

Within the Info Shop there are many other teams which make it a “One Stop Shop” for young people!

YHPS: Youth Homelessness Prevention Service will having its 5th Anniversary in August. They are working to support the Welsh Governments ambitious mission to end Youth Homelessness by 2027. They provide holistic support to young people to empower them as they transition through to adulthood, offering informed advice, support and guidance, acting as a gateway service to others, preventing youth homelessness at the earliest opportunity.

Second Voice Advocacy Service: is a free, confidential and independent advocacy service for young people to get their voice heard, helping you to express your wishes and feeling in situations and decisions that involve you – making sure you know your rights!

In2change: work with young people around their drug and alcohol use, they also offer support around education, housing, relationships, employment/voluntary work, and other areas of your life.  They can also offer diversionary activities which can help take your mind off current difficulties including mountain biking, free gym membership, horse riding, cinema trips etc.

The Youth Service have an event on this week! details below!

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