Get Paid to Share your Thoughts and Experiences on Education, Employment and Training

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Does this sound like you?
● I am currently seeking employment and training, but I’m facing barriers and
struggling to find something
● I am currently involved with Job Growth Wales+
● I don’t feel I can work because of my personal circumstances. I wish there were more
opportunities tailored towards my needs
● I am in work, education or training, but I previously experienced barriers and am
passionate about helping other young people progress with their careers

The opportunity

We are looking for young people aged 16-24 who live in Wales to become part of a
Research Advisory Group.
No previous experience is needed, but we are looking for a commitment and willingness to
learn and participate in semi-regular online meetings. The panel will meet about 6-8 times
over the next 18 months. We hope to meet for the first time at the end of February 2023.
To ensure that the research can help as many young people as possible, we would like to
recruit a group of young people with a diverse range of experiences. We’re particularly
interested in hearing from people who feel they have experienced barriers when seeking
employment or training.

What’s in it for you?

Being involved in a research advisory group is a great way to boost confidence, meet new
people, and develop the skills that employers are looking for.
By getting involved, you’ll receive the National Living Wage (currently £9.18 per hour) or the
equivalent amount in a voucher of your choice – whichever works best for you!
Outside of these sessions, you’ll get support to:
● Help you gain work experience in things like marketing, public speaking, videography
and social media
● Think about your key skills to put on your CV
● Connect you to other opportunities.
This mentorship will be free to those in the research advisory group.
What you will be asked to do
During the research process, you will be asked to participate in a variety of activities to help
support the research. This may be getting involved in a focus group to provide us with your
feedback and experiences or going undercover to see the process of accessing support from
Jobs Growth Wales+.

Jobs Growth Wales+ is a Welsh Government initiative to help young people who aren’t in
education, employment or training to access opportunities to progress in their careers.
It’s an exciting and ambitious programme that aims to help every eligible 16-18 year old with
an offer of employment, training, voluntary work or self-employment.
To ensure the programme is working, the Welsh Government has employed an independent
evaluator called Wavehill. Their job is to have a look at the Jobs Growth Wales+ programme
to see what’s been going well and what can be improved.

As a young person, you can support the programme by sharing your experience of accessing
education, employment and training and the struggles you may have faced doing so.
Expressing your interest
If you’re interested in this opportunity, please complete the expression of interest by filling
in this form.
Applications close at 9AM on 10 February 2023. After you have submitted your expression
of interest, we will get in touch with you to let you know the outcome.
If you are selected to be part of the research advisory group, we will arrange an informal
chat about the role. These informal chats will be held the week commencing on the 13th of
February; activities will start the following week.
Support with your involvement
If you need support with access to technology such as internet connection or devices, please
let us know in the expression of interest form. This will not affect whether you are selected
for the opportunity or not, but it will help us to make sure we have the best tools in place to

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