Have a social worker? ‘Mind Of My Own’ app can help you express how you feel.

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Better care and support happens when children are better listened to.


Social Workers and Personal assistants who regularly have contact with children and young people in Wrexham are now able to use a new app – “Mind Of My Own” – to help them find out quickly and easily how children and young people are feeling.

The Mind Of My Own app is easy and fun for children and young people to use and will come into use in Wrexham on this month.

How does Mind Of My Own work?

Once a young person has used either the One or Express app to share their views, wishes and feelings, Mind Of My Own creates a clear statement of their views that can be attached to case records. A young person can sign up to the One app on their own and staff will be encouraging them to use it.

What do young people say about Mind Of My Own?

Young people who have already used it have given it the thumbs up:

“I find speaking in this way much easier it’s revolutionary.” – Cara, 16

“It got me thinking for myself. Very good app and very easy to use.” – Becky, 15

Staff are currently receiving training on how to use the Mind Of My Own apps, so they feel confident introducing it to children and young people.

Cllr Andrew Atkinson, Lead Member for Children’s Services, said: “It’s important that children and young people have the care and support they need and we can only do this by listening and understanding how they are feeling. By using the app they will  be able to clearly show how they are feeling allowing staff to respond quickly and appropriately. “I hope both staff and those in their care find the app useful and a great help to everyone involved.”

For further information, please contact Jane Jones on (01978) 295372

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