Time to Quit! 🚭

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🚭🎉 Tomorrow is March 13th and it’s Non-Smoking Day! 🎉🚭

If you’re thinking of quitting, why not join in and start your smoke free journey 🌟

Did you know that kicking the smoking habit is like unlocking a superpower? You’ll have more energy, better health, and extra cash to spend on things that truly matter to you! 😉💪

Let’s not forget about vaping! 🌬️ While it might seem like a “safer” alternative, vaping comes with its own set of risks and issues.  From addictive chemicals to lung damage, it’s crucial to be aware of what you’re putting into your body.  Your health is too precious to gamble with! Not only that, but there is a dark side to vaping, criminal gangs are using vapes to exploit young people – see the article below and if you are worried about someone you know there is an anonymous reporting system.

The use of vapes to attract, groom and exploit children | Crimestoppers (crimestoppers-uk.org)

💡 So, what can you do to this Non-Smoking Day? Share your own story or reasons for staying smoke-free – you never know who you might inspire!

I met up with Katie at the Info Shop who has recently quit smoking! Here’s what she had to say, you might find it useful!

How long has it been since you quit smoking?

About 8 weeks now!

What motivated you to quit smoking?

Mainly for health reasons, and the dentist said if I carry on smoking I would lose my teeth and that’s not a strong look!

Have you noticed any changes in your health since quitting?

Yes! My skin looks and feels better, I feel better in myself and I’ve stopped wheezing.  I had to have an inhaler while I was smoking but I don’t need it anymore.

What strategies have you used to cope with cravings or triggers?

I had patches from “help me quit” – nicotine spray and I’ve kept myself busy, taking the dog for a walk, having a shower at night instead of the morning and staying in the bedroom where I wouldn’t smoke before.  Changing my routine so it wasn’t the same as the routine I was in while I was smoking to try to break the habit.

Are there any particular challenges you’ve faced during this process?

It wasn’t as hard as I thought, but it wasn’t easy – I still get cravings, but I am just using the nicotine spray!

How have your relationships with friends or family members who smoke been affected?

My partner has started smoking less when I’m there, although some family members still smoke around me.  It’s about me having the willpower to resist the urge, so far so good!

Have you experienced any withdrawal symptoms, and if so, how did you manage them?

Yes, bad cravings! and I am a bit more moody than usual.  I managed them by distracting myself with different things!

What benefits have you noticed since quitting smoking?

My skin is better, my hair feels better and now I can smell smoke on clothes which I couldn’t before.  I’ve been to the dentist for my teeth cleaned and all the nicotine has been removed.  I’ve also saved around £500!! The patches and nicotine spray are FREE and I feel so much better in myself for quitting.

Have you sought any support or assistance in your journey to quit smoking?

I saw Help Me Quit | Stop Smoking Services In Wales advertised on facebook, went to their website and filled my details in and a lady rang me back to give me an appointment.  I went to my first appointment with her and went every week for a couple of weeks, the appointments would last about 30 minutes, they check your carbon monoxide levels so it did make me stick to not smoking knowing that she was going to check the levels.  They gave me a prescription for Nicorette patches and spray.  There are different options, so it’s whatever suits you.  After a couple of weeks they reduced the patches to half then half again, I’m not using patches now, I’m just using the spray which is working well.

Do you have any advice or tips for others who are trying to quit smoking?

Go and get some support, go to Help Me Quit | Stop Smoking Services In Wales – the prescriptions are free otherwise it would be really expensive to do it on your own.  Start using distraction techniques to keep yourself busy, the cravings are only temporary and will go away, it’s good to have a few of your favourite things to do as a distraction. 

When you start seeing the benefits of not smoking it’ll make you want to carry on because you’ll feel and look so much better, but if you do end up having a cigarette, don’t let it discourage you and don’t just start smoking again, get back on the wagon! We all have blips!

Remember, you’re never alone on this journey.  Reach out to friends, family, or even pop into the Info Shop for support if you need a helping hand!  Sometimes talking to someone who has been through it that can relate to you is really helpful!  I quit smoking myself in September 2014, so it’s nearly 10 years for me! I remember how hard it was, but honestly those first 2 weeks are the hardest then after that it got easier and easier! Especially when you see all that money mounting up!!

Together, we can say goodbye to smoking and vaping for good! 🌟

🎉🚭 #NonSmokingDay #QuitSmoking #StaySmokeFree

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